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Tri-Ace RPG is End of Eternity

If you're like us, you've been curious about that wretched countdown timer on Tri-Ace's secret role-playing game page. As expected, however, Famitsu has landed the exclusive unveiling of that RPG within its latest issue. Furthermore, like with all issues of Famitsu, someone has scanned and uploaded the exclusive unveiling which reveals the title of the RPG, End of Eternity.

According to a translation provided by Siliconera, the game features main characters by the names of Zephyr, Subject 20 and Vashyron. Vashyron just so happens to be employed by a private military firm. Battle details are dodgy, but the game should involve real-time gameplay and a ton of gunsmanship.

End of Eternity is being developed for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Apparently, it's expected to release sometime in the Winter of 2009 in Japan. A North American release date isn't given, but we'd imagine it will be coming our way a few months after its Japanese release.