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Sega reveals End of Eternity screenshots, details

on 12 April 2009

Sega and Tri-Ace have given Famitsu the first look at their upcoming RPG, End of Eternity.


Three characters have been revealed so far. One character, Subject 20, was raised as an experiment, and is set to die within a year of her 20th birthday. Knowing that she has little time left, she escapes from the facility, and thus her pleasant "birthday greeting" and fate. Vashuron, another important character, is an androgynous 26-year-old man that leads a private military corporation. Finally, the main character, Zephyr, is a 17-year-old boy who, similarly to Subject 20, escaped from the facility. Upon escape, he pursues a military life, and is currently working for Vashuron.


The primary setting within the game is called Basle; it's a huge flying machine where the wealthy live on top and the poor live below. Sprinkled throughout Basle are towns, cities, dungeons, and randomly-encountered enemies. Famitsu calls the combat "semi-real-time," where ally and enemy positioning on the battlefield important.


That's all we know for now. Be sure to check out our full screenshot gallery to see more of the game in action.


UPDATE: Here is End of Eternity's Japanese teaser trailer.