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Epic Games kills Gear of War IP on PS3 rumor

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With a recent 1up podcast hinting at a possible Gear of War IP coming to PS3, Epic had to comment on the rumor.

Earlier today many websites hinted at a possible Gears of War IP would be heading to the PS3 that would bring the Gears world in a new way. The idea was brought about when a Sony exec cited the Multi stage deal that Sony and Epic had signed for Unreal Tournament 3 exclusivity.

Mark Rein of Epic made an announcement today to clear things up a bit. "We've shot down this Gears of War on PS3 idea about a hundred times already," said Rein in an e-mail to PSXE. "Microsoft is the publisher of Gears of War. Unless Microsoft wants to publish it on PS3 then it won't be published on PS3."

Rein then went on to confirm that only 2 IP’s are currently in the works, Unreal Tournament 3 for PS3 and Gears of War for PC. So all gamers can finally get back to the Unreal Tournament anticipation and Xbox gamers can stop worrying. The rest of the multi stage deal is steal un clear at this point, but we can guarantee the deal has absolutely nothing to deal with Gears of War now.

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