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Uncharted 2 to have "prettiest snow you've ever seen"

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Developer Naughty Dog has reiterated that the team are looking to make Uncharted 2’s snow and ice as visually impressive as the stunning water effects found in Nathan Drake’s original PlayStation 3 adventure.

Speaking in a recent interview with, Naughty Dog producer Evan Wells boasted that with the new improvements to the Naughty Dog Engine 2, "[Uncharted 2] will have the prettiest snow you've ever seen in a game!"

A rough translation reads:

"With Uncharted 2 and the Naughty Dog Engine 2 we can do much more, do it better and do it faster," said Wells. "For example, we can see more polygons on screen, which allows us to create areas with even more detail than in the previous game."

"In addition, we save no effort when it comes to the rendering of snow in Uncharted 2. It should be a banner to me to be the prettiest snow you have ever seen in a game!"

Given that Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is one of the most beautiful and graphically advanced titles seen this generation, it will be interesting to see what Naughty Dog can bring to the table for the sequel.

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