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Radical talks Prototype single player focus

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on 21 April 2009

Radical Entertainment has confirmed once and for all that upcoming sandbox outing Prototype will not incorporate multiplayer functionality, with the game focusing entirely on a single player experience.

Speaking to VG247, executive producer Tim Bennison commented: “Prototype is 100 percent focused on a great single-player experience.”

“The game is an origin story that weaves a government conspiracy around the main character of Alex Mercer, and we really need to get those elements perfect.”

However, Bennison pointed out that throwing multiplayer out of the window has afforded the team plenty of room to squeeze the most out of Mercer’s elaborate powers and combat techniques.

“The biggest benefit of focusing purely on single-player is the team’s ability to really maximize the over-the-top powers and abilities of Alex’s shape-shifting and combat skills,” he said.

“The first time a player throws a corrupt Blackwatch soldier into the blades of an attack chopper, we think they’ll have a big smile on their face,” Bennison boasted.

Despite flirting with the possibility of adding a multiplayer component in June 2008, the idea was ultimately dropped earlier this year. Prototype hits PS3, PC and Xbox 360 on June 12.