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Sony denies new SIXAXIS

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Yesterday a lot of hype and excitement started when a Yahoo article featured a odd looking Sixaxis controller, so what did Sony have to say?

Yahoo’s article on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for Xbox 360 and PS3 featured a Six axis controller with the left thumb stick located where the D-pad is on a standard controller. Even though Sony had made no announcement about a re-model many PS3 gamers felt the picture was a leak of what’s to come and the rumor spread like wild fire.

Today GameDaily BIZ wanted to get confirmation and got an interview with Dave Karraker, Sr. Director, Corporate Communications at Sony Computer Entertainment America to clarify what the truth actually was.

Dave Karraker confirmed that the picture was just a “bad artist rendering” on Lucas Arts behalf that is being fixed. With this confirmation the “leak” was indeed just an error and as of now Sony has no plans on re-modeling the PS3 Sixaxis controller in any way.

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