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Upcoming Blu-ray titles

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Blu-ray is leading the way for the next generation format for movies. The movies keep pouring in, studios are remaining loyal, and the price of the movies is becoming more justified with improved features on discs.

With the price of Blu-ray players falling (slowly), as well as the PS3 "price drop", what movies could you be buying in HD?

We've has dug up a list of upcoming Blu-ray titles for the next couple of weeks:

July 17, 2007
The Fifth Element (Remastered) (Sci-fi, Sony) $30
Premonition (Drama, Sony) $40
Waiting (Comedy, Lionsgate) $30
Wild Things (Thriller, Sony) $20
World's Most Beautiful Things (Victory Multimedia)

July 24, 2007
The Host (Action-Horror, Magnolia) $35
Out for Justice (Action, Warner) $30
Purple Rain (Drama, Warner) $30
Weed: Season Two (Drama, Lionsgate) $40

The next few weeks are a little slow for retailers as all the big blockbusters are just entering theatres but expect sales to pick up soon.