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Cross Edge RPG launches today, Trophies announced

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on 26 May 2009

Cross Edge, described by Nao Zook from publisher NIS America as a “dream-come-true RPG for hardcore gamers,” officially released today on the PlayStation 3 in North America. Zook also announced the game’s Trophies on the PlayStation Blog.

The game is the result of a five-company collaboration. Players will see familiar faces from Darkstalkers (Capcom); Disgaea (Nippon Ichi Software); Ar tonelico (Bandai Namco); Atelier Marie and Mana Khemia 2 (Gust); and Spectral Souls (Idea Factory). All of the characters are playable and you can collect costumes for all the characters.

The unique battle system is a hybrid of classic RPG elements with an intuitive grid-based SRPG style. Players move upon a square grid during combat, and some characters are better at close range while others are superior at ranged combat.

For all you Trophy collectors looking to add a little gold to your virtual showcase, Cross Edge features 23 trophies; five are bronze, 11 are silver, seven are gold, and one, of course, is platinum.

Here is the list of Trophies, along with the descriptions.

Bronze – The Entitled: Unlock any trophy.

Bronze – The Bully: Defeat 100 enemy units.
Bronze – The Newbie: Survive 35 battles.

Bronze – The Badass: Exceed 10,000 points of total damage.

Bronze – The Juggler: Exceed a 50-hit combo!
Silver – The Skywalker: Reach 300 AGI. (Equipment’s effect doesn’t count.)

Silver – The Meat Shield: Reach 300 VIT. (Equipment’s effect doesn’t count.)
Silver – The Juicer: Reach 300 STR. (Equipment’s effect doesn’t count.)

Silver – The Know-It-All: Reach 300 INT. (Equipment’s effect doesn’t count.)
Silver – The Gambler: Reach 300 LCK. (Equipment’s effect doesn’t count.)
Silver – The Stalker: Unlock all character profiles. (Use the % on the upper-right screen)
Silver – The Patron: Unlock all gallery art. (Use the % on the upper-right screen)
Silver – The God of Death: Defeat 3,000 enemy units.

Silver – The Highlander: Survive 900 battles.

Silver – The World Champ: Exceed 1,000,000 points of total damage!

Silver – The Aggressor: Exceed a 400-hit combo.
Gold – The Gun Runner: Collect every type of weapon.

Gold – The Battle Ready: Collect every type of armor.

Gold – The Fashionista: Collect every type of accessory.

Gold – The Packrat: Collect every type of item.

Gold – The Grave Robber: Find 150 hidden items using Search.

Gold – The Dood: Earn the true ending. (Unlocked after the true ending.)

Gold – The Hikikomori: Earn every single title. (Unlocked when all the title are given at the guild. Each title is counted when unlocked, so if you don’t do this task from the beginning, you may not reach the point.)