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Killzone hands on reveals gameplay elements

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At E3 2007 Killzone was the one game that almost every PlayStation gamer was looking forward to. Guerrilla announced several key features from the game and even had a real time trailer to show off at the E3 conference, but some users got a hands on.

N'Gai Croal of Newsweek got to play Killzone 2 and he confirms that the trailer was indeed real time and not CGI like 2005. The trailer that gamers saw at this years E3 was taken from the third level of single player campaign where Vektan troops along with Sev, the main character in the game, are witnessing an invasion.

Also confirmed was a cover system that is similar to Gears of War and inspired by the PSP version of Killzone. Players can approach a wall or any cover they can find and lean against the surface to take cover. Players then can lean around the wall or peak over the wall to take a few shots at the opposing Helghast troops.

Being a FPS game gamers would expect the peeking to be a bit complicated since the game doesn’t move into third person view like expected, but Sony highly suggests Guerilla has taken full advantage of the system to make it as user friendly as possible.

A Sony executive commented, "We expected it to be complicated... but our programmers took care of it pretty quickly,"