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Twisted Metal coming to PS3?

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Sony recently stated a new game is on the way and released a photo symbolizing a war game since all that was shown was a Atomic Bomb cloud. However, looking closer has revealed something much more intriguing.

The smoke cloud is in a shape of a laughing clown. Now what could a explosion combined with a happy clown mean?

Well PlayStation fans have jumped to conclusions that the clown is none other than “Sweet Tooth”, a main character from Sony’s hit classic Twisted Metal. The last Twisted Metal on a console was released years ago on the PS2 called Twisted Metal Black arriving around the PS2 launch. Then followed several titles of Twisted Metal on the PSP.

Well today IGN has got a hold of Sony representatives and finally had the truth revealed. The art came from TBWA, Paris and Art Director Philippe Taroux.

"The idea of a clown is not linked to one game," Taroux said. "It's an explosion of fun."

Sorry Twisted Metal fans, the ad does not symbolize a possible Twisted Metal game for PS3. After being the bearer of bad news IGN then contacted Alex Armour, a public relations specialist for Sony Computer Entertainment America, to ask if any plans at all were in the works for a Twisted Metal game.

"No," Armour said. "We don't have anything in the works at this time."