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Tekken 6 release date and preorder bundle announced

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Namco Bandai announced the Tekken 6 preorder bundle today -- $149.99 USD for the game, an artbook, a calendar, and a fighting stick.

Then it comes out that Penny Arcade’s cardboard tube samurai is also part of the preorder. Well, only kind of. It’s not really a cardboard tube samurai, it’s Yoshimitsu with a cardboard tube samurai outfit. Still, though, those are some nice duds and weaponry he’s sporting. Not only that, but there are some samurai banners you can attach to any character you want too. Again, though, that's only when you preorder.

Namco Bandai also recently started putting up videos of the game in action on the official Tekken website.

Finally, the release date has been locked down for October 27, 2009. Go forth and rejoice, Tekken fans. It is a good day.