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Buzz! HQ Home space launching this week, and more

on 16 July 2009

The long-awaited Buzz! HQ space is launching in Home this Thursday, giving people a chance to meet up and compete in a massive 64-player game of Buzz! trivia. Since the content is fed via MyBuzzQuiz.com, a site that allows you to create your own trivia questions, you’ll want to make sure to create an account and start uploading your best queries.

Once the Buzz! Home space launches, you’ll be able to play in large competitions, truly testing your trivial knowledge. You should check the space frequently for regular scheduled events.

Also on Thursday, EA Sports is launching a space for its Fight Night franchise with a swanky boxing-themed night club, complete with an interactive DJ game, rewards, and plenty of places to ‘chill.’ EA promises several mini-game updates and virtual items for this new space.