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Harmonix unveils Rock Band Network, track upload system

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on 17 July 2009

Many fans were wondering what the next 'big thing' from Rock Band developer Harmonix Music Systems would be, and today we can finally confirm that the studio has been slaving away on the Rock Band Network.

Rock Band Network, or RBN, is a comprehensive toolset that allows the creation and distribution of original Rock Band songs, vocals included. Song prices can be set anywhere between $0.50 and $3.00 USD, with a 30% cut of each sale going to the creator.

When prompted for comment, Harmonix COO Mike Dornbrook told PSU, "...we’ve been dreaming of this since Frequency. I’m thrilled that it has finally come to pass. I think it’s the most important step Harmonix has made to date, and look forward to the day when bands break through [using] Rock Band."

Rock Band Network is currently in closed beta, but Harmonix hopes to open up the beta to the public in August, in time for an official release sometime this year.

Maybe Breadpig will finally get its "music" in Rock Band, after all.