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Ubisoft announces Heroes contract

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NBC’s hit TV show Heroes is gearing up for a video game adaptation.

Ubisoft was finally given rights to create a super hero game based on the show after a long wait in line. The rights allow Ubisoft to bring the series' characters, locations and story lines to a action pack next generation game.

Tim King, executive producer and creator of Heroes commented:

“We’re very excited to be making the Heroes video game with Ubisoft, time and again, Ubisoft has proven they can turn licensed properties into fantastic games.”

Co-Executive Jesse Alexander added: “All along we’ve been writing some of our stories in ways they can tie into the eventual video game.”

Instead of focusing on just one character from the TV series, Ubisoft will focus on the entire cast bringing a unique storyline with each. The writers will also play a roll in the video game series as they focus on cross platform storytelling for future seasons. Ubisoft will have their own writers for the video game series but the writers from the TV show will also be assisting in development.

TV to video game ports are very rare as the game relies on the shows lasting popularity, but Heroes is surely going to be a show with a lasting appeal. We expect to see the game hit store shelves late 2008.

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