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PS3 manufacturing costs down 70%, says Oneda

on 31 July 2009

Speaking during the company’s Q1 earnings call yesterday, Sony Corporation bigwig Nobuyuki Oneda revealed that the cost of manufacturing the PlayStation 3 has dropped a whopping 70 percent since its inception in 2006.

Said Oneda: “The cost reduction since we introduced the PS3 is very substantial and this is on schedule.”

“We don’t disclose how much of the PS3, specifically the cost deduction was achieved during the past two years. But that is on schedule.” However, when pushed on exact figures, Oneda replied: “about 70 percent, roughly speaking”.

Sony revealed yesterday that it suffered considerable losses in the number of PS3 and PSP units sold, with the company posting an operating loss of approximately JPY 25.7 billion (USD 268 million).