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Sony estimates half of PS3 users have signed up for PSN

on 1 August 2009

Sony America’s chief financial officer Robert Wiesenthal revealed during the platform holder’s Q1 09 earnings call that an estimated half of all PlayStation 3 owners have signed up for PlayStation Network.

“I think right now close to half of our users have opted to sign up to the [PlayStation] network, and I think it's running on track, and we are expecting really great things this year from it,” said Wiesenthal.

As pointed out by website Kotaku, this means around 11 million punters have signed up for the online service, given that Sony has sold just north of 23 million PS3 consoles to date. Not too shabby.

We’d like to point out that it remains unknown whether or not Wiensenthal’s statement included the PSP, but all the same, an impressive statistic nonetheless – let’s just hope people are actually utilizing their accounts rather than signing up and leaving them out to dry.