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New Jaffe and Campbell studio to work on Twisted Metal

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on 28 July 2007

David Jaffe, the man behind Calling all Cars and the smash hit God of War (to name a few) has announced he's formed a new game studio with Scott Campbell of Incognito (creators of the upcoming Warhawk) based in Utah and will be known as "Eat, Sleep, Play".

Jaffe and Campbell have now signed a multi-year, multi-title deal with Sony to create games exclusively for the PS3, PSP and PS2. However the new Twisted Metal will not be a next generation game or a squeal - instead the game will be a port of the PSP exclusive Twisted Metal: Head On.

Head-On is considered a true sequel to Twisted Metal 2 which makes Twisted Metal: Head-On, for all intents and purposes, the "real" Twisted Metal 3 when following the Twisted Metal plot line.  The game will also be the first console continuation of the series in over half a decade.

The game will also feature new levels that were originally planned for Twisted Metal: Black 2 and a documentary about the series (which Jaffe and Campbell helped create).



Source: GamingTarget