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New Jaffe and Campbell studio to work on Twisted Metal

on 28 July 2007

David Jaffe, the man behind Calling all Cars and the smash hit God of War (to name a few) has announced he's formed a new game studio with Scott Campbell of Incognito (creators of the upcoming Warhawk) based in Utah and will be known as "Eat, Sleep, Play".

Jaffe and Campbell have now signed a multi-year, multi-title deal with Sony to create games exclusively for the PS3, PSP and PS2. However the new Twisted Metal will not be a next generation game or a squeal - instead the game will be a port of the PSP exclusive Twisted Metal: Head On.

Head-On is considered a true sequel to Twisted Metal 2 which makes Twisted Metal: Head-On, for all intents and purposes, the "real" Twisted Metal 3 when following the Twisted Metal plot line.  The game will also be the first console continuation of the series in over half a decade.

The game will also feature new levels that were originally planned for Twisted Metal: Black 2 and a documentary about the series (which Jaffe and Campbell helped create).



Source: GamingTarget


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