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GamesCom: SCEE would price PS3 at 199 if it were 'sensible'

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on 20 August 2009

Sony Europe head honcho Andrew House has said that the platform holder would ‘absolutely’ slap a £199 GBP price tag on the PlayStation 3 in the UK – that is, providing the decision rested within the boundaries of ‘sensible business.’

Speaking to the chaps at VG247 during GamesCom this week, House commented: “If we could get to a more aggressive price point within the boundaries of sensible business, absolutely would we wish to do that?  Yes, we would.”

“We have to deal with an exchange regiment that is-what-it-is right now, and not something that we are obviously in control of. I also think, as well, that that we have - let’s not forget - a great line-up of content coming for PS3 this year that I think will be very motivating and I think what we are also trying to do - we spent a lot of time yesterday very deliberately talking about the network - talking about what we are doing to improve, refresh, and add more capabilities to the network.”

Elsewhere, House declared that the company feels it is in pretty good shape for the forthcoming winter holiday season, pointing to expanding services of PlayStation Network, such the movies on demand feature, which is due in Europe this November.

“I think, will put us in reasonably good shape for this holiday,” he said.