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UK PS3 sales up 999%, outsells Xbox 360 by 3:1

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on 7 September 2009

Sales of the PlayStation 3 have increased by over a whopping 999 percent in the UK following the release of the Slim edition of Sony’s flagship console, reports

"The uplift on week 36 on week 35 is plus 999 per cent," said Chart Track’s Dorian Bloch. “We don't give out the hardware numbers, but never-the-less it's a very large increase." PS3 Slim launch in the region last Tuesday for the reduced price of £249 GBP, while the original model received a price cut back in August following Sony’s GamesCom press conference.

By comparison, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 also enjoyed a boost in sales of approximately 43 percent on the back of the Elite model dropping to £199 GBP last week. However, MCV notes that Sony's machine still managed to outsell the 360 by a ratio of 3:1 over the past week.

Both companies will be scrapping it out alongside Nintendo for the Christmas crown over the next few months, so be sure to stick around for more developments.