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EBGames starts 80GB PS3 pre-orders

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For those waiting to pre-order the new 80GB PlayStation 3 , your chance has arrived. EBGames has officially begun to take pre-orders on the latest SKU which will debut tomorrow.

In addition to the bundle containing a copy of Motorstorm, the package also includes the 5 free Blu-ray Movie deal that buyers of the current 60GB SKU have enjoyed. The 80gb package will run for 599.99 USD, while the 60GB model will remain at 499.99 USD.

Buyers beware that EBGames expects a 1-2 day delay before shipping, so those hoping to get the console before the end of the week will be disappointed. It is unknown what quantity of 80GB models Sony has put in the initial shipment, so ordering online may be the best way for gamers to ensure they get their new console.