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Sony facing litigation over Cell Processor

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Sony may be in deep water again over patent infringement. Parallel Processing, a California based company, filed a lawsuit on July 26th in a US District Court against Sony on the grounds that the company knowingly infringed upon patent number 5,056,000, which was filed in October 2001.

The patent dubbed "Synchronized Parallel Processing with Shared Memory" lays out the groundwork for a processor quite similar to the Cell, which divides up a task into separate pieces to be run by parallel processors, and then placed back together again as a "final" product.

The plaintiff demands damages be rewarded, along with all attorney fees and interest lost. On an even scarier note, they also want any item containing a Cell Processor to be recalled and destroyed, including every PlayStation 3 sold. Hopefully, common sense will prevail as Sony's team of lawyers prepare for another potentially long and drawn out case.