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Codemasters denies PS3 port of Overlord

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on 31 July 2007

Codemasters has denied that developer Triumph Studios is planning to port Overlord to Sony’s PlayStation 3 console, following reports of a job listing recently posted on the company’s official website.

The listing in question required a suitable candidate with programming experience on Sony’s next-generation format, specifically geared towards “Porting X360/PC code base to PS3". Internet speculation followed almost immediately, with many believing this could only point to a PS3 iteration of the popular Xbox 360 and PC action/strategy amalgamation.

However, speaking to Eurogamer this morning, a Codemasters spokesperson stated, "We are not porting Overlord to PS3”, leaving details of Triumph’s plans for the console still very much open to interpretation.

We’ll continue to report on any developments as they come to our attention.


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