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Two new LocoRoco titles in development

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LocoRoco was received with high critical acclaim from gamers when it came out, proving once again that a game does not always have to be complex to receive a cult-like following.

Late last year, Phil Harrison promised that gamers would be seeing LocoRoco again soon in a few different ways. We now know he meant multiple games.

At the PlayStation Premiere Event in Tokyo, Sony revealed that the PlayStation 3 is set to receive Buu Buu Cocoreccho, the first of two confirmed sequels to Loco Roco. Later at the developer conference, Loco Roco's director Tsutomu Kouno confirmed that his studio is also in the process of creating a full sequel for the PSP to a Joystiq reporter.

"Yes, there will. I'm thinking about a sequel for the PSP right now. I got a lot of feedback from players that they bought a PSP just to play Loco Roco so I feel like I have to make a sequel for them."

No release date was announced for either title, but PSU will be sure to report when more information becomes available.

Source: Joystiq