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Miyamoto not sure about Haze

While at E3, David Doak, head of cult British game developing firm, Free Radical, received a visit from Shigeru Miyamoto, Lord of all Video Games, himself.

Shigsy came to see Haze, the new first person shooter under development by Free Radical. The game will be unlike the previous TimeSplitters games the company is famous for, and will be a more serious affair in terms of story and gameplay.

The main hook of this game is that you can inject yourself with ‘Nectar’, a performance enhancing drug that makes gun fights much easier to avoid, pre-empt, and finish. Problem is, over-dosing makes you go Schizo, losing control over the trigger and unable to tell friend from foe.

And according to an interview in Edge with Dr Doak, it’s this drug feature, along with the increased violence, that worries Miyamoto-dono.

Stereotypically, Nintendo are known for their self-claimed ‘family games’, games which steer clear of blood and over the top violence, and instead concentrate on fun gameplay everyone can enjoy. Shigsy is a large force driving this gaming ethos, so it’s not surprising that he doesn’t like the drug side of the game.

Whether or not you agree with him, Haze is slowly shaping up to be quite the shooter, and is having a worldwide release on 23rd November.

Stay tuned.

Source: GamesRadar