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Harrison talks PlayStation Home & Madden 08

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on 2 August 2007

Phil Harrison, executive vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, this week reiterated the company’s plans to issue the forthcoming Home service this fall, and also briefly addressed criticisms related to the frame rate on the PlayStation 3 version of Madden 08.

Speaking to 1UP, Harrison revealed that Home development kits were distributed among developers on July 10th and remained confident the service would keep to its intended launch date this September. Additionally, he also said that it was conceivable new content would be added to the service over time:

"There will be features that get added over time, it's not going to be everything that we've ever talked about at the beginning of the service. I'm being very clear we never intended for that to be the case, either, but we have a clear road map of where and how and when we're going to be adding functions and features”, said Harrison.

Elsewhere, he stressed that the reason Madden 08 would only be playable at 30fps was not due to hardware limitations related to PlayStation 3, ostensibly pointing the blame to developer Electronic Arts:

“It would concern me if the platform was incapable of doing it, but we've proven the platform is capable of doing it, so it's not a PlayStation 3 issue. I'm trying to be polite," he noted.

Stay tuned for more coverage on both Home and Madden 08 at PSU in the near future.