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Happy Holidays from PSU!

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on 24 December 2009

Well folks, it's Christmas Eve, and we at PSU are about to break for the holidays after what has been yet another stellar year for all things PlayStation. We've seen the Slim introduced, an onslaught of triple-A software, the snazzy PSPGo and a host of other exciting developments such as the Video Store and a multitude of PSone classics and original content finding their way on to PlayStation Network.

Most importantly, we're posting this to thank our loyal readers for continuing to support us throughout 2009, and we wish you all a very happy holiday. Things won't be entirely quiet over the next week or so, though; we'll still be popping in to post any significant news stories, and we'll be posting our Top Ten PS3 Games of 2009 feature - which includes our ultimate Game of the Year award - on or around December 31. Expect us back to full steam on January 4.

Until then, have a fantastic holiday!

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"Hi everyone! I just wanted to say seasons greetings to all PSU readers and subscribers and thank you for your continued support and readsership.

In 2010 we look forward to going even further to bring you all the best possible PlayStation gaming content to supplement for your Playstation experience.

And don't forget to get as much gaming in as possible during the holidays! And we will see you all in the new year!"

-Seb Hayes, PSU Manager

"I want to wish everyone a very happy holiday! Hope everyone enjoys their time with family and friends, and has a good feed! Haha. Also be safe while traveling on the roads this time of year, nothing worse than bad news on such a wonderful time of year. With that said -- Eat Up! Enjoy Yourselves! and GAME ON!"

-Matt Rapse, PSU Database Manager

"Happy Holidays, PSU readers! Do us proud by stuffing your face with copious amounts of turkey and indulging in hours worth of quality gaming time! See you all in the New Year!"

-Mike Harradence, PSU UK Editor

"This holiday comes only once a year, and you can be certain we’re as excited as you for all the time we get to spend shopping in crowded malls, re-gifting aunt Janet’s Snuggie, and stuffing ourselves with candy, pie, and other treats. Instead of all that, take some time off and play your favorite PS3 games with your family and friends. In honesty, the holiday’s are about being around people (love them or hate them), and what better way to bond than over a nice bloody shooter or fighting game. We’ll see you in 2010; it’s going to be another great year!"

-Adam Dolge, PSU U.S. Editor

"Happy Holidays, everyone! Take some time off to end the year fellowshipping with your friends and family, then thrust yourselves into the new year by crushing them all in a friendly game on Sony's black box of wonders. 2009 was the year of the PlayStation 3. Bring on 2010!"

-Joseph Lustig, PSU Contributor