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American Heavy Rain box art is wet with anticipation

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on 12 January 2010

Heavy Rain is one the most anticipated games to land exclusively on the PlayStation 3 this year, and the recently revealed American box art is leaving our mouths watering. While it’s not as ‘classy’ as the PAL cover, the North American box art does provide us with exactly what the name states – there’s some rain, and something that appears really heavy.

The game’s adult themes are presented well in the North American box art. Perhaps there is a double edge sword here – maybe the box art, featuring a very wet woman, is intended to let parents know this game is in fact not for children. Still, maybe Quantic Dream and Sony Computer Entertainment America knows that some images help sell a game.

The images and videos of the game look brilliant, but we’ll get a better idea of how the game actually plays when it’s released in North America on Feb. 23, in Europe on Feb. 24, and in the UK on Feb. 26.
It should be mentioned that the box art was not released by Sony, instead Amazon’s listing features this box art.