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More game companies onboard for PS3 motion controller

on 13 January 2010

Sony’s motion controller is getting support from many in the gaming development community, although, not full support from gamers themselves. EA’s Jens Uwe Intat has told MCV that the company will have games ready for the launch of the PlayStation 3 motion controller.

He said both Sony’s and Microsoft’s motion controllers will allow for new gaming experiences for existing players, but the controllers will also introduce new people to gaming. Essentially, he believes these motion controllers will do for Sony and Microsoft what the Wii and Wii remote controller did for Nintendo.

“Our studios are working with the first parties to create some interesting games for those controllers,” he said. “We can expand the audience for an existing game, but it’s also a good time to come up with brand new ideas and way to play.

In addition, David Cage, the boss at Quantic Dream, said the studio is interested in experimenting with the PS3 motion controller, especially in with more mature games. Speaking with Destructoid, he said the motion controller will help create a new way of playing games.

Quantic Dream is the studio behind the upcoming PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain. The game will take advantage of the built-in motion controls found on the SIXAXIS. Cage said the entire interface is built around “motion and physical immersion.”