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[UPDATE] Rumor: Leaked Final Fantasy: 'Fortress' tech demo video

on 18 January 2010

UPDATE: The video has been removed from our YouTube Channel because of a copyright claim by Square Enix. We have also removed the video from our site. We'll keep you posted if we learn anything more about this video.


ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Last August we learned that the ‘unreleased masterpiece’ GRIN was working on before the studio closed was a Final Fantasy game. It appears a tech demo video has surfaced this past weekend, showing off the game, which may still be in development.

Since this video was originally hosted on YouTube by a user who goes by DiipuSurotu, we cannot validate its authenticity; however, the user states the game, codenamed Fortress, is a sequel to Final Fantasy XII. The game is said to be an action game set after the events of Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings.

The game is believed to be a collaboration between GRIN and Square Enix, but there are rumors a different studio is now working on Fortress. If the game is still in development, the video description indicates it was, or is, supposed to come out on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

There’s no indication where this video originated, but it still looks nice. There’s even a Chocobo.

Check out the video below.