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Heavy Rain sequel is unlikely

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on 18 January 2010

David Cage, founder of developer Quantic Dream, has poured cold water on any hopes of seeing a sequel to Heavy Rain, despite the fact the PlayStation 3 thriller has yet to even grace store shelves.

Apparently, Cage isn’t fussed on the idea of a sequel due to the fact he’s already told the story he wanted to in the original. “I don’t want to do a sequel because I’ve said what I had to say about these characters and this story,” he said during a chinwag with OPM.

“Honestly, I have nothing else to say,” he added.

Elsewhere, Cage also touched on the game’s planned DLC, stating, “The game tells a full story, nothing is missing from it. The approach to DLC was to say, let’s work on prequels. What led the characters to be who they are in Heavy Rain? What happened to them before?”

Heavy Rain will be released in both the U.S. and UK next month. Expect a full review here at PSU as soon as we get our mitts on it.