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Sony denies rumble-sixaxis is on the way

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on 4 August 2007

Sony Computer Entertainment America has denied reports that the firm has begun preliminary development on a rumble-enabled sixaxis control pad, but did confirm news that the company is in the process of enhancing the peripherals motion-sensing functionality.

Speaking in an announcement this week, David Karraker, Sony’s director of corporate communication denied Internet speculation, asserting, "We have not added rumble [to PS3], and have no announcements regarding this feature.”

In related news, however, he revealed that the firm has recently distributed controllers with improved motion-sensing features amongst the development community, but was keen to highlight this was simply a common occurrence in the development evolution of any product.

"From time to time, we make minor enhancements to the controllers for our platforms," said Karraker. "We recently sent out to the development community some new prototypes that have a slightly enhanced sensitivity for the analog sticks and the motion sensing within the Sixaxis controller. This is not a new controller, but is part of the normal development and evolution of controllers," he added.

Nevertheless, the omission of rumble in the PlayStation 3’s controller remains very much one of the most heavily criticised aspects of the system, a feature that has been in use on Sony consoles since its inception with the Dual Shock pad on the original PlayStation back in 1997.

Source: GamePro