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Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer Beta details surface

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At E3 2007, Activision announced a public online beta for Call of Duty 4. Well the conference left us with many un-answered questions, but today the publisher aimed to answer some of them.

On the official site, Activision has released the official details for the beta. If you happen to be like us and either haven’t signed up or keep getting a server error then you can read the details here at PSU.

Before you get excited though, we should tell you that the multiplayer beta is only for Xbox 360. PS3 users have been left in the cold (again), but if you have a 360, with Live subscription, read on...

Call of Duty 4 Beta Details:

Age: Must be 18 years of age or older to be eligible.

Lead Time: Infinity Ward urges fans not to worry as they promise to give everyone plenty of warning before the Beta goes live. Along with updates via the Beta HQ they will also be posting a countdown clock on their sites homepage.

Availability: Beta is first come first serve, spots will be limited. In other words stay on your toes and be ready to move.

Region: Beta will start in the US. Other countries have yet to be decided.

Max Rank: Rank has been capped in the game and therefore you will not be able to unlock every item.

Activision also provided some “how to” questions. We've broken them down for you...

1. What are those yellow numbers? How do Experience Points work?

In game you are going to see pretty yellow numbers pop up when you complete objectives, get kills, etc. These are your Experience Points. Experience Points add to your overall ranking during the match. Depending on the matchtype, you will get a different number of points for different actions.
And no, you will not be able to carry your rank over into the final game.

2. Does the Public Beta have matchmaking? How can I play with my friends?

Easy. Select ‘Xbox Live’ from the main menu and then choose ‘Find Game’. If you want to party up with your friends, select ‘Party Invite’ from the same menu. You can also jump into matches your friends are playing by selecting their gamertag through the Xbox 360 dashboard, Friend’s List and the option ‘Join Session in Progress’.

Activision also revealed an assortment guns and weapons including: ATTACHMENTS, GRENADES, SNIPER RIFLES, SHOTGUNS, SUB MACHINE GUNS, SIDE ARMS, ASSAULT RIFLES, and LIGHT MACHINE GUNS. Along with a full arsenal of weapons they will also be providing several class ranks.

Stick with PSU for more.

Source: Rip Ten