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Fils-Aime says there's no point in getting Move if you have a Wii

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on 17 March 2010

Nintendo of America chief Reginald ‘Reggie’ Fils-Aime has said that he feels there is little point in consumers investing in PlayStation Move if they already own a Wii.

Speaking to the chaps at Industry Gamers, Fils-Aime feels there would be little to motivate punters who own Nintendo’s platform to fork out for a PS3 and Move.

“So I’m a consumer and I’m having a great experience with my Wii. And we know that’s the case – we look at the software that’s being purchased. Consumers love the Wii. What’s going to motivate them to spend minimally $300 for a new [PS3] system, plus minimally $100 for the Move motion bundle?” said Fils-Aime.
“So [as a consumer] now I’m into this for $400 and I still have to spend money on software. What’s going to motivate me to do that?”

This hasn’t been the first time the Reginator has broached the subject of PlayStation Move – earlier this month he declared he was “flattered” at Sony’s imitation of the Wii remote with the new peripheral.

So, PSU readers, how do you feel? Do you know any mates who have a Wii and have yet to purchase a PS3? Would Move tempt them to purchase Sony’s black box? Do you agree the Move imitates the Wii mote? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.