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Is Hideo Kojima's next title Zone of the Enders 3?

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on 12 April 2010

Hideo Kojima has dropped a major hint suggesting that his next title may turn out to be none other than Zone of the Enders 3.

Writing on his Twitter in regards to Kojima Productions next game, the celebrated developer had the following to say on the matter: "I’m thinking about the casting for my next title."

“The project plan still hasn’t reached a detailed level, but everything is advancing simultaneously in my head."

“Title, game design, story, characters, setting research, the mecha that appear, casting, graphic direction, sound, beginning and ending, the major story sequences. It comes together naturally in my head.”

The key word in Kojima’s ramblings is, of course, Mecha. Just in case you are out of the loop, Zone of the Enders and its sequel centre around humans piloting hulking robots known as Orbital Frames, with both titles fitting snugly in to the Mecha genre. Zone of the Enders 3 confirmed? Not quite. Is it looking promising? Yes.

Stay tuned for more info as we get it.