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Ape Escape PS3 coming in Q2-Q4 2010

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on 12 May 2010

Please note: This article was originally intended to go live on May 10, but due to technical difficulties we were unable to post this article live until today. We sincerely apologise for this delay in our reporting.

Ape Escape will finally be gracing Sony's PlayStation 3 console later this year, according to the game’s official Twitter, Club Ape.

Specifically, the website has the game down for release in its native Japan during the period of "Q2 - Q4 2010". Ape Escape PS3 first reared its head at the Tokyo Game Show last year, where it was confirmed the game would support PS Move.

That’s your lot, unfortunately, as the game is still very much underwraps. Stay tuned for more monkey business here at PSU as soon as we get it.