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Tony Hawk's Proving Ground demo coming soon

Activision has announced their upcoming release, Tony Hawk's Proving Ground, will have a PlayStation Network (PSN) demo before Thanksgiving. In other words, once November roles around keep a close eye on the PlayStation Store.

While numerous people feel that Tony Hawk is repetitive, this next-gen title will surely be a crowd pleaser. With hit after hit, the Tony hawk franchise has provided gamers with countless hours of fun and a multitude of challenges. It may not be 100% innovative, but with the ability to define your career, style, and character through game play, it should still be prominent in many gamer's Christmas presents.

Proving Ground features a customizable online lounge, skate videos and greater park mechanics. Going from single player to online has never been so easy.

Stay tuned to PSU for future content updates, possible network advantages, and of course the review on Tony Hawk's Proving Ground.

Source: PlayFrance