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PlayStation 3 Boosts Blu-ray Sales

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According to industry analyst GfK, 95 per cent of the market for high-definition DVD equipment in Australia is accounted for by the PlayStation 3.

Launched in March, Sony's next generation console provided a big boost to Blu-ray software sales, GfK analyst Sharane Lewis said.

The PlayStation 3 dominated the competition as 55,000 units in Australia were sold by the end of June, compared with just over 1000 units of dedicated Blu-ray players, according to GfK figures.

In comparison, total sales of HD DVD capable players, including the Xbox 360's $249 HD-DVD add-on launched in March, were under a weak 2000 units figure.

Blu-ray software was and still is averaging sales of 1500 units weekly, compared with 250 units weekly for HD DVD, Ms Lewis said.

Sony has been agressively leveraging their Playstation 3 to sell through its Blu-ray hi-definition video format, a sell that has earned Sony an edge against its competition, HD-DVD. Since launching the PS3 Sony has seen considerable gains, leaving many to wonder if the a pre-packaged HD-DVD XBox 360 would have been prudent.

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Source: PS3 Boosts Blu-ray