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Sony in trouble again...

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UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled against Sony’s PlayStation 3 viral internet marketing advertisement shown on the web around the EU launch. This video seemed to promote violence and potentially influence anti-social behavior, according to complaints.

The advertisement called “Kovac,” show the character waving a knife along side a banner reading, “Kovac mercenary or misunderstood?” and Sony’s PS3 catch phrase, “This is living.” One can easily see why members of the media and society misinterpreted the ad, especially with some of the news articles over the past few months.

After numerous complaints, an ASA investigation and the lost ruling, a company representative said, "We acknowledge the recent ASA ruling in relation to the PlayStation 3 brand advertisement and the recommendation contained within." Just when it seemed Sony pressed ‘cruise control,’ more bad press.

All is not lost, however. Sales are still increasing and brand adoption  is expanding. Keep a close watch to PSU for future news and information.