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David Jaffe on why he lied about Twisted Metal PS3

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on 22 June 2010

Eat Sleep Play’s David Jaffe has spilled the beans as to why he continuously denied claims that his studio was developing a new Twisted Metal game for PlayStation 3 in the months leading up to E3.

In a nutshell, Jaffe wanted to ensure that fans were in for a surprise at the Los Angeles-based event, noting that in recent years new titles have either been announced or leaked a few weeks before things kicked off.

Speaking during a chinwag with Joystiq, Jaffe commented: “[E3] used to be about surprises. And it used to be you’d come and you didn’t know what you were going to find on the show floor and that was a big part of the fun and you walk from booth to booth and you just discover stuff.”
“And the last, I don’t know, four or five years everything gets either announced or leaked before and I was just like … Sony called about four months ago and said, ‘Let’s make Twisted a surprise and let’s close the show with it.’”

Of course, this meant Jaffe had to be a little economical with the truth, hence why he continuously shot down any hopes of seeing Twisted Metal at the show:

“I was like, ‘Hell yeah! Let’s do that.’ But it kind of necessitated being kind of sneaky about it. To me giving fans an actual genuine E3 surprise was more valuable to me than sort of being totally honest when people ask me questions,” he added.

Twisted Metal for PS3 is due out in 2011.