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LBP getting the Marvel treatment

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on 25 June 2010

Starting July 7, you will be able to deck your Sackboys and Sackgirls up in your favorite Marvel super hero and villain costumes. Marvel will release information and art about the first costumes on its official site June 28.

New content will be available every other week on the PlayStation Network, with four Marvel Costume Packs consisting of five different costumes total.

Marvel has revealed that the following characters will be available:

* Captain America
* Daredevil
* Doctor Octopus
* Elektra
* Ghost Rider
* Green Goblin
* Hulk
* Invisible Woman
* Iron Man
* The Human Torch
* Magneto
* Mystique
* the Punisher
* Rogue
* Spider-Man
* Storm
* The Thing
* Thor
* Venom
* Wolverine

In addition to the costumes, you will soon be able to use the Marvel level kit, which includes four levels of adventure pitting Sackpeople against Magneto. There will be plenty of Marvel-themed music, objects, materials, and stickers to deck our your levels.