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Sierra Entertainment announces new title

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Sierra Entertainment has announced a new title called Prototype. The game will offer an open-world environment, a conspiracy loaded story, and deceptive shape shifting features.

Radical Entertainment is tackling the developing side by taking you through the life of Alex Mercer and his secret battle in NYC. Through this story, influenced by conspiracy undertones, Mercer learns of a problem facing all of mankind. By utilizing his shape shift abilities he not only can mimic his surroundings, but also copy powers from anyone or anything in his path.

The game will grace the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC in the summer of 2008.

“Radical Entertainment set out to create the most dynamic video game character ever imagined. From free-form movement to over-the-top combat action; Prototype can climb or wall-run across any surface, jump 30 stories high, and destroy anything that crosses his path.” Are you as excited as we are?

Keep and eye on PSU for any additional information soon.