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PSP Slim pre-orders now on

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on 13 August 2007

Online retail chain is now offering pre-orders for Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Portable slimline handheld, giving consumers the option of choosing between a total of three different bundles. The revised PSP is dubbed PSP 2000 in some circles.

First up is the Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron Entertainment Pack (ostentatiously announced at E3 by Chewbacca, as you may remember), which contains a white PSP Darth Vader finishing for USD 200.

Second is the Daxter Entertainment Pack, which, similar to the Star Wars pack, contains a specially designed PSP casing, this time coming in the form of a silver finishing for USD 200.

Third and finally is the PSP 2000 in black finishing – the PlayStation 2000 System – for the slightly cheaper price of USD 169.99.

The PSP 2000 is approximately 33 per cent lighter and 19 per cent slimmer than the original model, and weighs in at a considerably lighter 180g (the original weighed 280g). The new version also adds a video-out port, enabling users to watch UMD movies and software on their television sets, and also includes the ability to temporarily store data from UMD games to reduce in-game loading times. As with the original version, the Slimline model comes complete with a high-quality 4.3 inch wide LCD monitor and all the usual refinements to experience your portable gaming pleasures on.