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Blazing Lizard's New Pirate Title

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We all love pirates and ninjas, right? Well Blazing Lizard has announced that its first game will be a unique match up: Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball.

The game will be the first in a series of Pirates vs. Ninjas games. Dodgeball will support up to eight players (four local, eight online) and features five teams: Deadly Pirates, Skillful Ninjas, and three more to be unveiled at a later time.

This type of dodgeball, however, will be free roam. Players will be able to roam freely around six arenas, and each character will have their own special abilities. The game supports both co-op and versus play over Exhibition, Challenge, and Story modes.

Platforms have yet to be announced, but we expect PS3 and Xbox 360 to be included.