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Batman: Arkham City coming fall 2011

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on 5 August 2010

Batman: Arkham City is heading to the PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 in the fall of 2011. That’s an awful long wait for us to get our hands on the sequel to 2009’s hit Batman: Arkham Asylum, but at least we now have a name for the game we’ll be drooling over next fall.

The game, developed again by Rocksteady, will be set in Arkham City, which is a mini-city inside of Gotham City. Through the VGA teaser trailer (shown below), we already knew about The Joker and Harley Quinn’s reappearance in the sequel. Arkham City’s setting, a heavily fortified stronghold within Gotham City, will give players a new place to control the Dark Knight, this time against villains like Two-Face and perhaps a romantic interest in Catwoman, based on this September’s cover shots in Game Informer.

You can check out the official Batman: Arkham City website, but we should hear more from Warner Bros. Interactive and Rocksteady in the coming months.