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2K Sports announces additional features for NHL 2K8

2K Sports detailed extra gameplay features for the new installment of NHL 2K8 in a press release today. The new additions are designed to create an authentic experience for one of the most anticipated hockey games of all time.

The first addition is Superstar Moves. This brings added depth to the already highly anticipated “ProStick” feature. Players will now have the option to execute some of the greatest moves in NHL history via the stars themselves. These moves add excitement to the game play and offer 12 specific combo-based attacks to use when needed. This feature will be difficult to master, but scoring the goal with authenticity and dramatics is priceless.

Wrapping up the new accommodations is the revamped goaltender system. Under the direction of NHL keeper, Marty Turco, 2K sports was able to create a system filled with logic and realism. Goaltenders will come out of the net, guard the post, and even show you a butterfly save or two. Enriched with 100s of animations, this title is sure to please any hockey enthusiast.

2K is still confident on their September release, so keep an eye on PSU for more information and the review.