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Blu-ray outsells HD DVD 2:1 in first half of 2007

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PlayStation 3 owners are loving their Blu-ray players while Xbox 360 owners are loving their HD DVD add ons. Some, however, are loving Blu-ray a bit more.

New data from Home Media Research shows that Blu-ray is gaining a significant lead, selling twice as many discs in the first half of this year than that of HD DVD. Sales of Blu-ray disc movies totalled 1.6 million units, compared with 795,000 HD DVD discs.

Blu-ray especially got a boost when leading rental chain Blockbuster said it would offer Blu-ray movies in favor of HD DVD at its stores. Many branches have stopped offering HD DVD all together. The company noted that Blu-ray rentals were "significantly outpacing" HD DVD rentals.

Dave Karraker offered some statistics from their internal survey data taken in May:
* The average survey respondent owns 4.5 Blu-ray movies and 119 DVDs.
* 72% of respondents purchased at least 1 Blu-ray movie since acquiring a PS3.
* 87% of respondents intend to purchase at least one Blu-ray movie in the next 12 months.

Source: GameDaily