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Heaps of Dead Rising 2 DLC on its way to PSN

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on 6 October 2010

Dead Rising 2 senior producer Josh Bridge has confirmed that Capcom will be unleashing a plethora of downloadable content for the zombie-slaying sequel on PlayStation Network in the coming weeks.

First in line is the Psychopath Theme Pack, which allows you to kit hero Chuck Greene out in a horror-themed outfit that augments him with an assortment of weapons including a chainsaw, cleaver, axe and machete. Apparently, this’ll make Greene ‘stronger and deadlier’. It’s out on October 12.

Up next is the Soldier of Fortune Theme on October 19, which “decks you out as the ultimate action hero with increased deadliness for all firearms”.

After this comes the Sports Fun Pack, where you take on the role of the “ultimate sports party animal,” allowing Greene to down as much drink as possible without getting sick in the process. In addition, you’ll also prove “more deadly with any sporty weapons.” Look out for this pack on October 26.

Finally, Capcom will be releasing the Ninja Theme pack on November 2, rendering you “virtually undetectable to the undead” as a result. Furthermore, Greene’s proficiency with swords and throwing weapons will increase dramatically. Sounds like a winner to us.

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