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Folklore "Quest Packs" announced at 3Rooms

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on 21 August 2007

The magical Folklore keeps getting better and better.

The plans for downloadable Folklore content have just been announced at 3Rooms (Sony's PR area). Designer Yoshiki Okamoto shared the plans for the Quest Packs that should be hitting the PlayStation Store prior to the game's release. Each pack will include four new quests, one new costume, and one new monster.

Now go ahead and multiply all those figures by six. That's right, a total of six Quest Packs will be released prior to Folklore's initial release this October. Should our observational skills be correct, something looking conspicuously like the first of these packs has already hit the Japanese PS Store. Weighing in at approximately 24 MB's, the content is absolutely free. Awesome.

Look out for the English language Folklore demo (only currently confirmed for the European PS Store) this Wednesday.