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Project Witches

Developed by European studio Revistronic, Project Witches is a third-person medieval and magic game designed to exploit the capabilities of the PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360, and PC.

Players will find themselves in dark surroundings fighting for survival against the Hordes of the Beast, an evil creature that has established a reign of slavery and terror throughout the land.

The story follows a character named Gwen, a fierce warrior that defies the dark lord of the land and leads a rebellion against his satanic power.

Project Witches has been specifically designed with teamwork in mind. All the levels and environments are built to accommodate computer controlled allies or your friends from online. However, it’s unknown the number of players you can have join your party.

The Revistronic team has developed a special technology to create this game, exploiting to the full the spectacular possibilities of new generation consoles to give a highly innovate gameplay experience.


The game engine supports all next (current!) gen platforms (PC, PS3, and Xbox 360) using both OpenGL and Direct X. Some key features of Revistronic’s technology include:

- Raytrace
- Collision detect Sphere, Capsule, Box, Convex, Mesh
- Joint Constrain (Hingle, Ball, RagDoll, Point, Spring)
- Vehicle system
- Characters system & ragdolls
- Lightmapping to static lights & global illumination auto generated
- Shadow volume
- HDR texturing
- NormalBump, ParalaxBump
- Facial Animation, Inverse Kinematics, Skeletal Bones, Muscle Bones
- and much more

Key Features of Project Witches:

Scenary: Everything reeks of death, torture and destruction. The people have been enslaved. They are prisoners of a dark power that has established a reign of terror and devastation throughout the land.

Your aim is to eliminate the evil creature that dwells in the depths of a sinister castle and to rescue the crushed inhabitants from their horrifying destiny.

In order to survive in the face of this satanic power and its cruel armies, you must learn the art of combat and acquire terrible dark powers yourself.

Sultry girls against satanic monsters: Let yourself go in this dark medieval narrative and enjoy the contrast between sultry beauty and sinister horrors. Direct the beautiful but dangerous Gwen in a spectacular fight against hordes of repellent deformed creatures.

Feel the fear: Skies rent by terrifying storms, hair-raising shrieks, shadows in the fog, stealthy movements and menacing growls, the glint of monstrous eyes that watch from within the shades. The oppressive certainty of death lying in wait for you.

Spectacular system of tactical combat: Combining spectacular combat with sequences of caution and stealth. The tactics you use will be decisive for your survival. You must rescue the captives and obtain their help. You will lead your team. You can be a great leader or sacrifice your comrades in the fight. Your decisions will shape your destiny.

Totally interactive environment: All game items can be used, creating a sensation of total immersion such as never before. You can use all kinds of objects to achieve your aims, even the amputated limbs of adversaries.

Project Witches is set for a 2008 release and will be for the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, and PC. Stay tuned to PSU for more very soon.