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Spider-Man 3

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GTA isn’t the only game heading back to New York this year. Spider-Man has already been there twice in two of the most successful movie-to-game conversions, and he'll be returning in Spiderman 3 this May (based off of the highly anticipated Sony Pictures sequel). Treyarch has been working on the game for some time now, and expectations are high. Can they surpass their own lofty standards in this new generation?

The game, much like the movie, is set in the time period of the comic series where Spider-Man, A.K.A. Peter Parker, is being taken over by a black symbiote suit. The suit is giving him mysterious powers, even more spectacular strength and easier web-slinging, but also slowly taking over his body. When the suit is finally removed Eddie Brock gets a hold of it and becomes the evil super villain Venom. He has a grudge against Peter Parker, and finds out that he's Spider-Man; he also knows Pete's family and friends, a weakness he can't always be there to protect. Since the suit was once Spider-Man’s, it can also help Eddie be one step ahead of him in combat. The surrounding tale is one of the greatest and most classic comic book stories, and you can live out the entire saga in Spider-Man 3.

The game has been revamped with a few new features and goodies. For the first time ever you will not only be able to play as regular Spider-Man, but also as Black Spider-Man, imbued with the powers of the symbiote suit. The more a player uses the suit, the more the suit slowly takes over Spidey. The team has also added more aerial attacks, easier dynamic combos and more, all in the hopes of creating a better combat system.  

Along with adding the symbiote suit features, the developers have again included an open-ended world to explore and fight in. Since the player is so free to roam the city, the developers have also made it possible to completely change the storyline and cause some plot twists depending on the decisions made, and where you explore. One major addition is gangs. Each area of the city is ruled by a different gang, and the more the player fights them off the more the crime rate drops and the safer the city becomes. What will happen to the fate of the city? You decide.

The developers have stated that the game will feature several more villains than just Venom, Green Goblin and Sandman, the rest of which will be announced closer to launch. Each Villain will have a specified location to cause havoc in, and the player can decide whether or not to stop the problem or let it slide; the decision can possibly change the outcome of the game. No word yet on rather or not we will get to play as Venom, but the developers have stated to expect several key announcements as the game draws nearer, so don’t give your hopes up just yet.

Key Features

- The game will offer multiple single player modes; either you follow the movie storyline or an original storyline made specifically for the game.
- Each mission completed will add to your XP, which can be used to gain levels and new combos, much like a RPG
- Open-ended exploration of New York City like never before. Swing and climb skyscrapers or scour the sewers below. See the entire city in true HD and amazing detail.
- Players get to don the symbiote suit for a Spider-Man experience like never before. Unleash new powers as the suit slowly takes over Spiderman.
- Totally redesigned combat; unleash new combos on your foes, as well as aerial assaults and new web abilities.
- Exclusive content for each console; an exclusive special edition of the game for PS3 and Sixaxis support

Stay tuned to for further updates on Spider-Man 3!